Tips for Choosing a Japanese Language School in Japan

Here at Wahaha, we are proud to add Japanese Tutor Melbourne to our list of partner Japanese schools throughout the world!

Decided to study Japanese abroad in Japan, but having trouble deciding on a school?Please check out our blog post on our new partner’s site for tips on choosing a school:

Announcing Wahaha’s private lesson campaign

Hi everyone! I hope you are not melted down by the heat and that you can enjoy your natsu yasumi!

And because Wahaha would not want you to forget about your Japanese, we have a special campaign: from August 15 to September 30, we offer private lessons for 2,750 yen an hour, with no enrollment fee, no minimum time and no obligations!

This offer is opened to everyone, university student, travelers, or people who could not leave their desks for the holidays. The only limitation is that you can only take up to 6 hours of lessons per week.

Contact us for more information and to reserve your time slot today!



Translation course

Translation Course (Japanese-English, English-Japanese)This is a course aimed at Japanese language students whose goal it is to work in the translation industry in the future. This hands-on course is taught by experienced professional translators with a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills required in everyday translation. Students will benefit from strengthening their all round Japanese language ability and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed as a professional translator. The course also includes invaluable work experience at a translation company.

Target Learners

English speaking Japanese language learners JLPT N2 or above

Course Duration – 1 month

Course Dates

Course to be held three times per year to coincide with long vacations in target learners’ countries. Initial course to coincide with summer holidays in Australia and New Zealand.

November 26th – December 21st

January 7th – February 1st

– to be confirmed

Class Details

Maximum of 5 people per class 3 hours per day (subject to change in the case of special guest lecturers) Additional classes and private classes may also be arranged

Course Fee

1 month  JPY150,000 (doesn’t include cost of course materials or enrollment fee)

Course Contents

Japanese Skills

– Concentrating of improving upper intermediate reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills Japanese current affairs Exploring nuances in Japanese expression Research methods

Translation Skills

1. Reports & Essays

2. Novels-style

3. Business documents translation

4. Contracts

5. Instruction booklets

6. Letters

7. Advertising

8. Newspapers

Practical Application

– Practical translation

– One day work experience at a translation company

JLPT practice test at WAHAHA Japanese School

Are you thinking to take JLPT?

We are doing practice test on Nov.17th (Sat) at WAHAHA Japanese School.

Please join us if you would like to try!

Date : November 17th (Sat)

Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00 ( final start at 15:00)

Level: N1, N2, N3, N4, N5

You will be provided with feedback regarding your score (60min.).

Price: ¥2,000

Please book your seat by Nov.16th(Fri)

To book with us directly please send us your details below.

– Your Name

– Contact info

– Level

– Prefferred time for your practice test

Contact : Tel: 092-737-2288 / Email:

Level Test sections:Test time
N1 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary/Grammar)・Reading:110min.:Listening:60min. Total:170min.
N2 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary/Grammar)・Reading :105min.:Listening:50min. Total:155min.
N3 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary):30min.(Grammar・Reading):70min.:Listening:40min. Total:145min.
N4 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary):30min.(Grammar・Reading):60min.:Listening:35min. Total:125min.
N5 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary):25min.(Grammar・Reading):50min.:Listening:30min. Total:105min.

Cooking Lesson at WAHAHA Japanese School!

We all enjoyed cooking lesson after class on Friday.

This time, we learned how to clean a fish to make sashimi.

We even prepared “TSUMA” which is garnishing served with raw fish.


Haruna -sensei showed us how to do it first!

Then, our turn!!!




Everybody did a pretty good job!!

Well, it took time than we thought….though……

Other than Sashimi, we also cooked “grilled chicken with miso, onigiri, kinpira gobou,etc…”



It was really tasty!!!

Would you like to join our Cooking lesson next time?!


More photos are on WAHAHA fanpage!